Sakhalin 1 Engineering &               Construction
Sakhalin 1 AD GBS Information Systems: Intranet, Schedules, Cost, Time, Resources, Cost Control, Change Management, Risk Assessments, Document Management, Collaboration, LCI / DFO, Interface Management, Weight Control, 2D Drafting, Technical Information,Tow Out Computer Simulation, Positioning and Set-Down Simulation, 3D Design and Review, Structural Steel Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, 3D Wave Radiation-Diffraction, Foundation Soil Stability, Earthquake Analysis, Marine Static and Dynamic Analysis, Materials Management, Materials Standards, Certification Database, Spare Parts, Regulatory Compliance

(m4v video, 1 min 51 sec, to present our responsibility in the Sakhalin 1 AD GBS Project)

Cooperation between major companies in several time zones:

Communication and support is a major challenge:

Russian infrastructure installed to support construction activities: